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The Doughnut Vault

May 10, 2011

When I first heard the hype about the Doughnut Vault, I was pessimistic. I thought it was just a place that was trendy because it was new. I thought the excitement was just fluff. Just a place all the cool kids went, not because the doughnuts were good but because it was the new fresh place to be. I was wrong.

The Doughnut Vault opened their doors April 5th. Since that time, with a flurry of flower, sugar, and pistachios, they haven’t looked back. The Vault opens its doors at 8:30 A.M. Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 A.M Saturday, and sells their delectable dough rings until they sell out. During the week, they sell out around 10:00 consistently. I decided I had to try these guys out and pick them apart for having an inferior doughnut. I failed.

I tried 3 different doughnuts. (Reading this previous sentence really makes me realize how much of a pig I can be.) I munched on the Vanilla Glazed Yeast, Chestnut Glazed Yeast, and the Gingerbread Cake doughnuts. Unfortunately, I ate the Vanilla Glazed so fast I didn’t have time to get a picture of it. However, I did discipline myself enough to snap a couple shots of the other two. Barely.

The yeast doughnuts were simply amazing. I know that my previous reviews may seem a bit generous with my ratings and descriptions but I can confidently say, these doughnuts were the real *bleepin’* deal. The bottoms of the yeast doughnuts were slightly crispy and were fried enough so not to form doughy, soggy rings. The rest of the doughnuts were dressed with a delicious glaze that stopped just short of being too sweet. However, a coffee is strongly recommended to help cut the sugary sweetness these breakfast pastries bring to the table.

The inside of the doughnut was light, airy, and chewy. Many times, in a doughnut, you get something that is either very light with no texture or flavor, or you get something so dense and doughy that is feels like it gets stuck halfway down your esophagus. Not these. I have not found a doughnut with a better balance of texture. It’s amazing what the right blend of sugar and shortening can bring you.

All I can say about the Vanilla Glaze is that they were quite good. The glaze is very sweet.

The Chestnut Glaze had just a hint of chestnut that swirled and wafted around my mouth before melting back into the sugary glaze. The yeast in the dough helped to pull this nuttiness flavor from the glaze.

Even the Gingerbread Cake doughnut was light and airy. I was scared that this doughnut would be dense, crumbly, and dry. However, this dough ring shared many of the same qualities of its yeasty counterpart. The slight bite of gingerbread cut the sweetness of the sprinkled sugar topping nicely. The gingerbread also lent itself to a touch of holiday feel on my palate.

I cannot say anything negative about these doughnuts. The people at the Doughnut Vault know what they are doing. Apparently, their pistachio doughnuts are all the rave. I will have to make sure I try one of those in the future. These doughnuts are top of the class and outrank anything you can get at Dunkin Donuts. The only problem is, once they are gone…they are gone. These sweet treats definitely make the cut and rival any doughnut I have had the pleasure of experiencing. So plan your morning accordingly and get in line to wait for these warm, soft, chewy, sugary treats. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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